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Multiple brands for limitless options to help your mind, body and home

Liv Planet Hemp by Liv Labs is dedicated to providing hemp-formulated, hemp-infused and hemp-manufactured products for the home!

Liv Labs Presents Livocity, a growing group of wellness products each considered fundamental in the world of anti-aging and well-being.

Presenting LivEssence Renewal Serum with ac-11. Nutrition for your skin.

New to CBD/Hemp?

Our commitment to excellent products begins from the ground up – from planting to harvest, to extraction and through a comprehensive three-process purification system – this allows us to offer premium, powerful and proven hemp products designed to help restore balance and wellness.

100% Organically Grown, Formulated and Produced Hemp in the U.S.

Products for your
mind, body &

In house and 3rd party lab testing for product integrity

Recommended by
Leading Physicians

In house and 3rd party lab testing for product integrity

Products for your
mind, body &

Recommended by
Leading Physicians

Meet our
Healthcare Council

The Liv Labs Advisory Council is comprised of Healthcare Professionals
that have shown their passion and commitment to the Liv Labs mission


Real People. Real Results

The 2500mg Full Spectrum and the Hemp Balm keep me discomfort free despite previous issues.I also sleep like baby after many years of serious trouble sleeping! I have energy do to everything I want to do!

Connie Fenton - WY

Everyone should have the Hemp Balm! Every home, workplace and pocket. Is it the most universal product that I know of!

Sanna Magnussen - Sweden

Platinum gives me energy, focus and complete peace in my body.

Lene West

HydroPro has become an absolute pillar of concentration for me. When there is something in front of me that requires concentration or the brain needs refreshment, I have not yet come across better and fast acting nutrition than HydroPro. Always with me.

Tanja Elomaa

After years of discomfort problems and a lot of prescriptions, I have finally become free and got my life back. Platinum balances my life and I feel the joy of living again.

Christina Almen

Platinum and Durt helped with my
sleep problems.

Pia Palmu

With Platinum I now sleep like a baby and I’m able to eat foods that I did without for 25 years. My body and mind is now fit and healthy!

Per Rasmussen

Hemp Pro Soft Gels have given me my life back. I suffered from discomfort for over 2o years. Since adding the Soft Gels to my nutritional program, I’ve been free from that discomfort for three years!

Debbie Mangan

The Hemp Balm has helped alleviate the discomfort of a shoulder issue I’ve had for years.

Erika Janzen-Dyck

The HydroPro allows me to think and concentrate better, and together with the LivPlatinum I am calmer, in my mind.

Francoise Bencivenga

I took the Liv Lullaby for the first time, and fell right to sleep. I woke up with energy and felt great.

Michealle Mitchener

DURT Gold turns my morning Superfood Smoothie into a “Super-Duper Food Smoothie!”.Yay for over 70 bio-available trace minerals to support energy, vitality and gut health!!!

Kimberly Gray

Since I started to use Flame, a pleasure gel for women, every day I no longer have discomfort every month during my period. I don’t even have to take medicine anymore.

Maria Malmqvist

This opportunity has helped us create a dream life, enjoying time freedom and travel all while being surrounded by a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, from around the world that we’ve now come to love!

Tibor & Kim

Liv Labs gives me financial freedom to live the life many people dream of both as young and old. Even though I'm a retired person, I’ll never stop loving this opportunity Liv Labs gives me and that I can share with other people. I love my Life Labs life

Lene W

Our big why has always been freedom and more time with my husband and family. As partners in Livlabs, it has become possible. We work when we want and with whom. At the same time, we help and inspire others to do the same. It's a win win.

Kristina & Andreas

I'm a stay at home mom who is blessed to build an international business from my dining room table. LivLabs has enabled me not only to provide for my family financially in a big way, but I am also able to keep my family first, which is most important to me.

Sarah C

I’m a recovering Brick and Motor businessman. I found this industry back in 2009 and now truly more than ever understand the power of having an online business that I can create a powerful team of motivated individuals! Liv Labs has rewarded me in so many ways! Most of all time and financial Freedom.

Ralph M

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